Friday, November 09, 2012

Bad for Republicans.......

They don't have any muscle now. They blew the elections by nominating a left wing Republican trying to compete with Obama for handouts. They should have beat him badly. Another thing being more like Dems will cost even more jobs in Congress because excluding defense, raising taxes on the rich and not lowering taxes they are screwed. 

The Republicans jumped on the balance the budget movement and are about to become a whig party as everyone wants something for nothing or we don't want any fat cats in  Washington taking our ss INSURANCE or Medicare INSURANCE away from us because we paid for it and they have been robbing it for decades.

The other place to steal the money from is our military benefits that members of  my family gave 20 years to earn. And let's not forget all the teachers, firemen, cops etc. who put their asses on the line for a pension and the people who own our government are trying to eviserate these programs.

Makes you wonder what the working stiff ever did to deserve these people in charge. And no, Oba mama is also part of the gang and gets no slack from me. 

Trust nothing these people say as they reach for your money!

P.S the fiscal cliff is a political problem do to scare mongering and propaganda as all we have to do is pass a sales tax and get rid of the income tax and most of these problems disappear.

Just don't hold your breath!!!

Fiscal cliff forecast: Bad now, worse later - Washington Times

“Even if all of the fiscal tightening was eliminated, the economy would remain below its potential and the unemployment rate would remain higher than usual for some time,” the CBO said. However, the nonpartisan agency went on to say that canceling the looming tax increases and spending cuts due in January would deepen deficits and leave the country less able to handle a major crisis in the future. “If the fiscal tightening was removed, and the policies that are currently in effect were kept in place indefinitely, a continued surge in federal debt during the rest of this decade and beyond would raise the risk of a fiscal crisis … and would eventually reduce the nation’s output and income below what would occur,” the agency analysts said. Enlarge Photo The reports were released as both sides gingerly begin to talk about a way forward on budget matters after this week’s elections.

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