Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another reason to stay Independent.....

For the party that slaughtered the Dems in 2010 and lost a couple seats in 2012 because they chose a lefty for president resulting in millions of Independents to not vote and then keep this guy Bonior in charge  is a symptom of brain dead theology the Republicans are living. He is Exactly what's wrong in Washington. Every one sucks up to the left as KOOM BA YA time making sure they get and keep a fat cat job and the people who have bought them their offices steal our Social Security INSURANCE.

Read that again... we paid for these INSURANCE programs, SS, Medicare, Umemployment, etc. and they want to give the money to the gang who have ruined the working stiff on WAll Street!!

Yeaah, let's vote for them to fix the mess they created for us.

Boner's one of the architecs of the dismantling of the Reagan coalition by enlarging the Federal government to pay for their sending our middle class jobs to Mexico and China and then compromising behind closed doors with the ding bats in the Democrat party to cut our benefits that we paid for out of our paychecks! And  now these genius' threaten to dismantle the rest of the economy by stealing our money because of a fairy tale called "fiscal cliff" they created last year. (They could easily pass a new law removing the "fiscal cliff" but no one would be able to grandstand on how terrible the opposition is then, or keep up the scare mongering of we have to cut Social Security to save it. QUIT STEALING THE FUCKING MONEY, ASSHOLES!!! )

These INSURANCE programs have nothing to do with budget deficits as we pay for them out of our paycheckswith separate earmarked TAXES, and this is not a leftwing right wing conflict because if there is a problem with them it's these clowns in Washington stealing the money and giving it to their paymasters!

What would you say if you died and the government cut your old ladies insurance payment to pay for the deficit or if you wrecked your car and the Feds confiscated some of your pay off and stuck you with bill to balance their budget?

What the Hell's the difference?

Is this rocket science?

The Republicans only lose when they lie and don't do what they said they would do. QUIT CREATING GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS and playing footsie with the COMMIES overseas and in Washington and these problems will slowly go away.

Worried about deficits? Hire somebody, tax them,and deficts are no longer created. WE need jobs so create or hire a few people and deficits disappear because that's what taxes do and quit whining about raising Limbaugh's or Hannity's taxes for God's sake.

Ask the Reaganites like me who can remember voting for real changes in Washington and we created a booming economy that lasted until Clinton surrendered to the fiscal radicals and tried to balance the budget by shutting off CURRENT expenditures and throwing working stiffs under the bus.

Even Reagan raised taxes and run up the biggest deficits since WWII and we created over 20 million jobs and unemployment was under 6% for over 20 years. (Bush snuck a few hundred billion deficits too, right?)

Speaking of, doesn't anyone remember the recession Bush inherited? Think that came from increasing government spending or from cutting? Do you really think taking money out of your and my pocket plus millions more of us is good for the economy?

All government spending goes into our pockets and is spent into the economy creating and maintaining millions of jobs and shutting off the money puts us out of work so the taxes disappear creating deficits that scare the BeJesus out Washington. So, quit creating new dependancies or raise taxes and the growing economy does away with deficts. (Then we would probably have to create a few so the Dems would be able to buy a few elections, LOL)

Jesus even a Wallmart cashier can figure this out so why are we paying these people? 

Let's not forget for a moment that you and I didn't send all those blue collar jobs overseas screwing up the tax collections and cut taxes on the rich during a boom causing a speculative bubble creating the basis for the real estate crash did we?

Oh yeah,see any cuts for these fuckers?

So why do we get the cuts in our INSURANCE programs that we worked for 40 years or so for? We elected the bastards and now we have to pay!!!

P.S I don't think this guy, BONER, could run a shit house!

P.S P.S Patti and I had a great day in Monument Valley and will post pictures on Face book later, we are now in Las Vegas at my sister-in-law maggies.

Boehner survives 'challenge' to speakership - Washington Times

While House Speaker John A. Boehner's leadership post was never in doubt, that didn't stop one House Republican from trying Wednesday. As House Republicans gathered behind closed doors at the Capitol to pick their leaders for the upcoming new Congress, outspoken Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert symbolically nominated former House Speaker Newt Gingrich for speaker, said a senior House GOP aide who was at the meeting. The nomination didn't receive a second, and Mr. Boehner's nomination eventually was approved by a voice vote. The full House formally will vote for its speaker when the 113th Congress convenes in early January. But with Republicans controlling the chamber, Mr. Boehner's election is assured.

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