Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stirred up some commentary.....

Received an interesting email from a reader, Dana, who was commenting on "Which one is the Republican?" 

Let's see where we are at..... Dana wants to know.....


1. Why is President Obama attacking Mitt Romney's money?

2. What Obama will do about the fiscal cliff 

Number 1
Obama attacks Romney's money because the only real card he has is class envy. Romney was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and you and I weren't so Romney must be "not one of us" . And we all know only morons vote for "not one of us".
Number 2 ...
Obama will not be able to do much about the "fiscal cliff" as he doesn't have any support in the House of Representatives. But, of course, we will hold him responsible because he's the president. (no one ever said the voters had a lick of sense when it comes election time. )
The real question to any informed citizen is just what real differences are there between, the Bush's policies, Clinton's or Oba mama's? Or anybody else, except Ron Paul, in the limelight. (a nice guy but horribly confused on economics)
The only ones I can find are: Republicans give checks to the military establishment first (their main constituency) and rally pissed off tax payers to support their policies of keeping them pissed off and the Dems give checks to a handful of voting blocks that make up a coalition that keeps them in office because no one would vote for these dingle berries of their own free will.
You'll find from my blog posts that I Lean Libertarian-right on the whole but I know that the U.S owns the world even though we are embarrassed or shy about it. We conquored the whole planet in '45 and we spent almost 70 years giving it back to halfwits, con men and various sissies who couldn't keep it or run it in the first place! 
My main point of this blog is that our government has been bought by a small crowd of well heeled and noisy gang that quite literally owns us! (people have poo pooed the idea but just try to do anything with out government permit, legislation, permission, or without tax , incentive or penalty.) And they couldn't run a brick shithouse to save their sorry asses.

Ill be glad to read anything you have and will post and answer over the next few days. (Yes, I like to argue and that's correct, I'm always right, just ask my wife!)

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