Friday, July 13, 2012

Me and Sarah Palin had it right.....

Drill baby drill. The world is awash in oil. Almost every continent has enough to last every country for ever. But you have to get the politicians out of it and let the market work. 

I've been blogging this for years....we have an energy problem only because our government and the people who own it want us to have an energy problem. The oil companies, as proven in North Dakota, are more tham capable of producing more than we can use once the price is considered profitable. Screwing around with permits and government obstructionism to produce our oil without a chance of profit? Ain't going to happen!

America – On the Path to Energy Independence? | PRAGMATIC CAPITALISM

“America remains on path toward energy self-sufficiency…Thanks to technological advances in the extraction of natural gas and petroleum out of shale rock, America’s domestic energy production has increased dramatically in recent years. In turn, this surge in domestic energy output has rapidly reduced the need to import energy from abroad. As a result, America’s natural gas import bill has dropped sharply. Given that the market expected the US to become a very large LNG importer by 2012, this is a very significant shift. True, America is still spending more on foreign oil today than it did five years ago due to the large increase in oil prices. But it may not be for long, as oil import volumes are falling rapidly across the board. …and resources in

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