Friday, July 20, 2012

Our economic problems always begin and end with oil.....

Inflation is set by these gangsters. make no mistake we are owned by these guys. Just try and live without oil for awhile. Then you would pay anything to get it back.

How about this.... Obama twenty years ago was a broke dick nobody not long out of college and

today he is a multimillionaire without ever having a real job, business or winning lottery ticket. And he id definately correct that he didn't get there by himself, right?

Forget Libor-gate, Oil Market Manipulation Is Far Worse | ZeroHedge

Start out a quarter at $80 a barrel , buy a bunch of futures contracts and put them in the portfolio along with your other holdings like Apple, IBM, and Johnson and Johnson and run them up just like any other asset class in the first quarter to hit your numbers. Use the media to hype Iran or any other potential supply disruption scenario and Voila you end the quarter at $110 and you have made far more gains in your Crude Oil asset class than lowly Apple by comparison. It’s the biggest game on Wall Street!   Notice how European equities are at 11 week highs and look at the Spike in the Brent contract. Fund managers pump money into these asset classes and once earnings are over, they will pull their money out so they are not left holding the bag when the damage to the economy ensues as consumers and the economy slows due to the burden of artificially high Oil prices on discretionary income.

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