Monday, April 02, 2012

They slash prices every other year.....

First they took away our benefits or raised fees on our health insurance last year and now they cut our work hours by 10 to 20 per cent and cut the hiring .

Just a year before they fired a bunch of corporate big shots that tried to make the store  become more like Target....(Jaclyn Smith, Brittany Spears, Paula Odean, Justine Bieber, and let's not Miley Cyrus not selling much.)

Makes you wonder? Where is Sam when you need him. And who owns this company and what the Hell are they thinking?

At least our  stock is back up but who knows how long that will last with the screw ups we've been experiencing.

Slashing prices at Wal-Mart hurts retailer’s bottom line | The Columbus Dispatch
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s price cuts hurt its fourth-quarter profit, reminding investors that steps the world’s largest retailer is taking to bring back shoppers come at a cost.

Wal-Mart yesterday reported quarterly profit and sales short of Wall Street expectations. Forecasts suggest that results in this quarter and fiscal year might again disappoint analysts.

“Everything had the hint of conservatism in the guidance,” said John Tomlinson, a senior hardline retail analyst at ITG Investment Research.

Shares of Wal-Mart fell 4 percent, erasing most of the gains so far from 2012. The stock had been up about 29 percent since August as its U.S. sales turnaround plan was starting to show progress.
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