Thursday, April 19, 2012

Obama already soaked you and I ....

800 bucks is 800 bucks. Lost our credit for working we got from Bush. Be nice if these guys would get their shit together and quit this income tax on wages, wouldn't it?

EDITORIAL: Making Tax Day worse - Washington Times

Americans who thought Tax Day was bad this year could find it far worse next year. Tuesday happens to be Tax Freedom Day, the date by which taxpayers have earned enough to pay off Uncle Sam and start earning for themselves. This occasion will fall even later next year if President Obama succeeds in making the tax code more complicated and expensive. Mr. Obama has invoked Warren Buffett’s name at 49 different events since mid-August to justify his tax-raising plans. Despite the all-out White House lobbying effort, the president’s allies in the Democratic Senate failed on Monday to get the votes needed to pass the 30 percent tax hike on income over $1 million. Mr. Obama knew this bill was a nonstarter, but doing something concrete about the debt was never his goal. He’s trying to paint Republicans as protectors of the wealthy.

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