Saturday, June 25, 2011

What an exercise in futility!.....

These clowns in Congress aren't serious. If you authorise the funds you are agreeing to the preposition that Oba mama can make war any time any place he wants.

Good thing he's not Bush, though! LOL.

House rebukes Obama on Libya, but lets funding continue - Washington Times
The House defeated two competing measures Friday that would have given President Obama differing levels of authority to continue the war in Libya, signaling a majority want to limit the president but that there is no consensus yet on how to do it.

Taken together, nearly 300 lawmakers voted against fully backing Mr. Obama — a devastating rejection of the president at a time when he has deployed troops overseas.

Yet those lawmakers were split between authorizing a limited support mission and wanting no involvement whatsoever, that division meant the House was unable to agree — essentially leaving Mr. Obama with a free hand to continue to fight the war as he wants.

“Congress today voted overwhelmingly against authorizing the war,” said Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, an Ohio Democrat who has led anti-war forces in the House.

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