Saturday, June 04, 2011

Back to square one with Bin Laden...

good thing the government doesn't lie to us or we would all become conspiracy nuts and start believing in UFOs or something! Next thing you know someone will doubt the Warren Commission   and swear up and down they were idiots cause everybody knows that miracle bullets are not impossible in Washington.

Of course, if Oba mama doesn't get re-elected then we all know that whitey will never vote for a liar twice! (I made that up! Look at Clinton.)

The Daily Bell - Why Can't I See Bin Laden's Dead Body?
I am baffled by this secrecy surrounding Bin Ladens' death. Someone needs to do more explaining than has been done thus far.

Why when American taxpayers have funded a massive manhunt and eventual assassination of Osama bin Laden are they forbidden to see Bin Laden's dead body? Why does president Obama's presumed personal discomfort about seeing Bin Laden's dead body determine whether American citizens may see it? What kind of law authorizes the White House to dictate to American citizens whether they may or may not view Bin Laden's dead body? And I am sure there are many other questions roughly along lines of the above ones that could be asked and for which answers are arguably due us.

Over the nearly ten years since 9/11 there have been all sorts of conspiracy theories circulating about just who ordered the vicious attacks on the Twin Towers and the completely unjustified murder of the airline passengers and World Trade Center workers. Some of the doubters of the official story are difficult to dismiss but arguably certain alternative accounts are far less credible than the official account.

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