Tuesday, June 07, 2011

More nonsensical health scares...

Sell fear (or sex) and you become important and necessary. After all, these people at the World Health Organisation have to stay relevent to keep those cushy checks coming in from me and you.

The Daily Bell - Anthony Wile: Bacteria Hysteria Fanned by WHO Propaganda Machine
Anthony Wile: Bacteria Hysteria Fanned by WHO Propaganda Machine
Saturday, June 04, 2011 – by Russia Today

Russia Today's Bill Dodd interviews Anthony Wile, the founder and chief editor of thedailybell.com, who believes the hysteria about the bacteria behind the food poisoning is artificially created by the mass media – which he calls "the WHO's propaganda machine."

"I do not believe we have enough information at this time to be able to determine whether or not this is going to be a real serious outbreak here that is going to cause serious human casualties. But certainly the mainstream media are having their normal run at trumpeting this to be another grand hysteric situation," he said.

And the main aim for them, he says, is to drive more people into believing that organizations like WHO are there to do something to solve the problem.

"I would not expect them to do anything more than continue trumpeting these headlines in a way which will cause more and more hysteria, because what they are going to do is [to] level society with more rules and more regulations," Wile added.

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