Friday, May 27, 2011

I think he needed this vacation....

Don't you? Oba mama's only had two or three this year. And look how great the recovery's going, right? And with the pygmies in the Republican race he looks pretty safe right now. Of course, he needs to suck up to the Jews a little more since joining the Hamas and Palistinians but what the Hell he never said he wasn't a Moslem sympathiser now did he! LOL

Obamas receive royal welcome to Britain - Washington Times
LONDON (AP) — President Obama immersed himself in the grandeur of Britain’s royal family Tuesday, as QueenElizabeth II welcomed him to Buckingham Palace for the first day of a state visit that kept the president largely out of sight for most of the British public.

There was an elaborate arrival ceremony on the steps of the palace’s West Terrace, complete with a 41-gun salute; a tour of the queen’s private gallery, where the monarch highlighted items she thought would hold personal significance to the president; and a short meeting with newlyweds Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, nee Kate Middleton.

But the pomp and pageantry happened largely behind the palace walls. Though pictures of Mr. Obama‘s visit blanketed British television, the president made no formal remarks Wednesday, except for a brief statement on the deadly tornadoes in the United States.

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