Thursday, November 26, 2009

Walmart workers are in the same boat......

They, on the whole, are broke every payday. Lining up for their paychecks so they can buy smokes and gas to get home. I guess we have to buy more Chinese trinkets to get these broke dicks through the week. After all, Clinton and the Republican gangsters gave our manufacturing base away years ago.

Wealth comes from making things not selling other peoples junk. But I've been warning people about NAFTA for over 15 years.

I hate being right but we haven't sen anything yet.

Lining up at Midnight at Wal-Mart to buy Food is part of the new Recovery. Banks offering Mattress Interest Rates. The Invisible Recovery Outside of Wall Street.
The fact that you have people lining up at midnight just waiting to have their paychecks or government checks clear for food is probably something you are not going to see on CNBC but it is happening. This recession is really creating a split and is also flaming the fires of class warfare. Average Americans and working class Americans are still dealing with what is known as the Great Recession.

Wal-Mart is looking to meet the new market reality by offering items that meet the new austerity demanded by millions of American families:

“Among the steps Wal-Mart is taking to address the changes in shopping habits, Mr. Quinn listed an overhaul of the retailer’s private-label brand, Great Value, which is promoted in commercials describing how families can fix dinners with Great Value products “for less than $2 a serving.”

For less than $2 a serving means millions of families are now needing to stretch their dollar. So as you might have guessed, having the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve go on a path of dollar weakness actually hurts those at the bottom and middle class the most. Yet they are concerned more about the financial sector and the chips may fall where they may for the remaining group of Americans.

Punishing the Prudent Saver

Those that save and are cautious with their money, are now being forced to make difficult decisions. Even holding on to U.S. dollars is not a good move with the way the Fed is systematically devaluing the dollar. The Fed is artificially keeping rates at record lows so putting your money in a savings account amounts to stuffing it into your mattress. Take a look at three of the too big to fail (TBTF) banks and

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