Thursday, November 05, 2009

Pretty obvious to me.....

As I ave beeen saying for years, Big foot, UFO's, Gnomes, Fairies, et al don't make "sense." Thousands of sightings suggests that we are over run with literally thousands of bizarre entities.

Which means everybody is lying, drugged, nuts, or a practical joker .

Or telling the truth as they see it. I'm betting many are only reporting the facts as they see them. They just don't make sense. Maybe this guy is on to something.

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Gnomes - A Sustainable Population?

One of the purposes of my posts on The Heavy Stuff (THS) is to provoke thought and critical thinking on any number of `issues’ of esoterica. And, in that regard, today’s post beckons the examination of the ludicrous - to be applied to what others would say is an `explanation’ of a viable sustainable `Bigfoot’ population out there `in the American Woodland’.

Yes, I know I’m already making enemies with a certain segment of my regular `heavy stuff’ readership by being a curmudgeon by doubting `first person’ accounts by `credible’ folks of all persuasions. BUT, I’m not doubting those accounts for one second - let me explain. You see, I think `Bigfoots’ in nearly all or perhaps all situations - are `temporary entities’.

To me, one must favor the overwhelming evidence that not one creature has ever been found dead or brought fourth alive - EVER. Nor have any `artifacts’ of this creature. Not even scat. Not in the last 10 years, not in the last 50 years, not in the last 500 years - not EVER. Never ever.

It’s something that those who have seen the creatures with their own two eyes will have to live with

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