Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You really have to root for this guy......

Finally a candidate who's quiet, unassuming, obviously not on the take.

What's not to like?

Finally, a Political Candidate Who Will Get My Vote « Blog
October 21, 2009
Finally, a Political Candidate Who Will Get My Vote
Posted by David Kramer on October 21, 2009 08:30 AM


The name of Jerry A. Nicola will remain on Bridgeport’s Nov. 3 ballot as the Republican candidate for mayor despite his death on Sunday of cancer, Montgomery County Voter Services Director Joseph Passarella said yesterday. The last day for withdrawing the name of a candidate was Sept. 17, the last day for naming a substitute was Sept. 21, and absentee ballots were sent out weeks ago, Passarella said. “We’ve already printed the ballots and programmed the machines – it’s too late in the game” for any change, he said.

Talk about the perfect political candidate for a voluntaryist.

[Thanks to Jonathan Pearson]

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