Friday, October 02, 2009

No!!! Didn't I tell you so?..

Heh heh.

Putting the car industry on welfare sure is working. Next thing you know our insurance industry will get it.In the Roman world this was usually referred to as  "Cui Bono", who benefits. 

In other words, who gets the payback for bailing out these political favorites. Why else would the gang who runs our Empire go through all this bullshit.

In order to keep their cushy jobs (and cradle to grave insurance coverage) and a guaranteed position in life for their children they sell you and me down the river.

Of course we need to make continuous war and have constant crisis to keep it going. Eventually the rot sets in and they get murdered and a new gang takes over.

Nothing new here. Just politics as usual.

No Cash for American Clunkers « Blog
No Cash for American Clunkers
Posted by Karen De Coster on October 1, 2009 08:20 PM

Apropos my article on Cash for Clunkers from yesterday, here’s some follow-up to support my points. September sales for GM were down 45% and for Chrysler the number was 42%. When the government stopped subsidizing the purchase of cars, people stopped purchasing them—a point made very clear in my article. I also pointed out the distortion in the used car market. Yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported on the rise in prices of used automobiles—that is, the ones left over that weren’t destroyed by government decree:

One widely followed measure of used-car prices, the 14-year-old Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index, will likely hit a record when data for September are released in early October, says Thomas Webb, chief economist for Manheim Consulting, a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises Inc.

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