Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Told you so.....

It's not much of a danger of stealing your money but your id. Most people can't live without their credit.

Of course if you have lousy credit use any browser you want, heh heh.

Paypal SSL Certificate Hole | Technibble
Paypal SSL Certificate Hole
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Paypal users are being advised to switch browsers if they are using either Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari. They should use Mozilla’s Firefox instead to protect themselves from an SSL Certificate vulnerability.

The bug was reported nine weeks ago but Microsoft has not fixed the problem yet. The hole exists in CryptoAPI. The article at The Register notes that a tool called SSLSniff can cause all of the three browsers to display spoofed pages.

“We’re working to see if there are any technical workarounds on the PayPal side which can be put into place,” said a Paypal spokeswoman.

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