Sunday, February 17, 2013

What a waste of bytes......

My answer to a Washington Times article:

 To balance the budget you would have to eliminate the defense department, Social Security, Medicare, most government agencies and then you would only come close. I imagine even the most ardent tea party voter would chase his Congress men out of town.  Which makes this about as useful a political strategy as returning us to a gold standard. So whining about RINOs being too stupid to commit political suicide so you would feel better about economics is a non starter.....Election time no one will listen to you.

Again, the problem lies in the fact that the Federal government under a fiat system doesn't have to "balance it's check book " because it has unlimited money. As for bringing budgets into balance you quit creating new programs and give everyone a job until everybody no longer needs these so called budget busting programs and these deficits go the way of the Russians are coming.

And yes, I told anyone who would listen 30 years ago that sending all those blue collar jobs over seas would come back to bite us in the ass because you end up creating a humungous dependant class because too many of these people could barely make it through the ninth grade and.....


But I forget, it's those mean old Democrats  who are to blame for that and now it's those damn RINOs who refuse to commit political suicide.......

MILLER: The balanced budget dream - Washington Times

Under a law that just took effect, Barack Obama will be the first president required to send Congress a budget that balances at some point in the future. Since that point isn’t likely to be in anyone’s lifetime, Republicans once again are looking to a constitutional amendment to impose restraint. A firm limit is needed as our debt exceeds $16.5 trillion and will grow as Mr. Obama adamantly refuses to turn away from his tax-and-spend ways. All 45 Senate Republicans joined together in introducing a balanced budget amendment on the day after the president’s State of the Union address. “While the tendency in Washington is to eternally kick the can down the road, most Americans understand we’re at the end of that road,” Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican, the lead sponsor of the bill, told The Washington Times. “Now is the moment for the president and Democrats in Congress to join us and force Washington to follow the lead of working families and small businesses and balance its checkbook.”

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