Friday, February 15, 2013

I have the right to an Ar-15 because I am an American.....

It's legally defined as an "arm" and as such the government can not take it away without due process in a court of law.

Tough titty lefty.....

You would think these guys would be trying to do something important with their time but no they have to scare the fuck out of so we will give them money and votes. Both parties went broke trying to elect liberals as president and we got one. Now they need to get some more money to screw us over even more.

Make sure you participate, MORON!!!!

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Citizens must protect themselves - Washington Times

On a recent show, British TV host Piers Morgan pressed radio host Dana Loesch on why anyone would need an AR-15 rifle. I would like Mr. Morgan to answer a question for me: Why did the London police abandon whole sections of their city to be burned and looted? The fact is they set up a perimeter to protect the empowered, the well-to-do and their own safety. The London police left thousands of citizens to fend for themselves. Given British gun laws, the best the police had were baseball bats to protect themselves and their property. If Mr. Morgan really wants an answer to why people need AR-15s, he can ask the shopkeepers in Los Angeles, who were abandoned in identical fashion by the L.A. police during the riots in the 1990s. The police are under no legal obligation to protect you personally. Legally speaking, they can stand across the street and do nothing while your home is burned to the ground. Unfortunately, both here and in Britain, they sometimes choose to do exactly that.

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