Friday, December 14, 2012

Patti's doing better....

Now that she can eat. You can e-mail her at I'm freezing my ass off and am ready to have my head examined for toughing out my last winter here when I could be somewhere the temperature drops never drops below 50 (maybe 60.) 

I can get my SS in June and plan on retiring from Walmart. To do so, I need to get my business going again so I need to pay off as much of my credit cards as I can because the one thing that screwed me 6 years ago was not having the resources to change product, venue and do repairs on  the truck.

Still, I like sunglasses but there is a lot of competition and you really need a sharp looking store with 150 styles or so. Also, you need to be able to travel around with out worrying about the house back home. One thing I have working for me is that I can afford the $180 rent on the mobile and still do business if I don't sell it.

For the first time in about 20 years i have a couple of bucks and $10000 in credit . I also know the business as it's all location, product and service and I've done it for years. Also, I have a brand new trailer to live in and don't have to return to a particular location if I don't want to. Spelled FREEDOM! 

I just wont have my baby with me to sell because I hate customers!!!!!

I did all the planning, money management, most of setting up and tear down and she did the hard part...selling fussy people into parting with a couple of bucks. And she was really good at it!!!!!

But time will tell. I would like to take my brother Jake  and his wife with me but they don't have a RV and with their 3 dogs and mine it ain't going to happen in 35 foot travel trailer even though it would be fun and we would all make money because I have the means to do it right.

We'll see what the spring brings because I would like to do either Spring Break or Bike Week in Daytona and visit my sweet heart and probably tell Walmart ADIOS AMIGOS!!! 

I'm trying to be patient because I have a history of being highly impulsive as I don't really know what fear is except dying on at a J-O-B. And that ain't my thing.......

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