Saturday, August 18, 2012

What happens when you run out of these stupid guys?.....

Does the gang in D.C. really believe this shit? Unarmed guards acting as bullet absorbers? HELLO anybody in there? And how much do you pay these nitwits? 

You can't make this shit up? Trust me.

Ready? The shooter had Chick Filet sandwichs in his back pack!!!!

No wonder! The screw ball was looking to waste homosexuals and the stupid guard got in his way. Of course, now the taxpayers have got to feed, clothe, and medicate this asshole for 30 or 40 years so I suppose not having a gun handy to blow the dip shit to Hell was good for the unemployment situation in town, right?

Did I not tell you you can't make this shit up? Read the whole article and go out and buy a gun because these dumb asses are headed for you.  

MILLER: Body blocking bullets - Washington Times

An unarmed security guard thwarted a gunman in Washington on Wednesday using nothing but his body - and that’s just what D.C. officials want. Mayor Vincent C. Gray cited Leonardo Johnson’s being shot in the arm while protecting coworkers at the Family Research Council (FRC) as proof the capital city’s restrictive gun laws are effective. It’s dangerous to think unarmed guards are always going to be able to protect the innocent from determined criminals. On Thursday, the mayor told NewsChannel 8’s Bruce DePuyt that he is “proud of the gun laws we have here in the District of Columbia,” which he called “the most stringent, restrictive” in the country.

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