Sunday, August 19, 2012

More scare mongering from people with too much free time......

Should we tell him? We geezers will just have to spend every dime and not bury the money in the back yard. DUH!!! 
 You'll hear a lot of this bullshit because it makes people vote and spend their money on these silly people.

We have to remember that all money spent creates jobs, At Walmart, Micky D's, RV parks, gas stations, real estate offices, Dr's offices, political parties,etc etc.

These people will say anything to get your check? (Somebody should remind them that it's our money and we have a vote and guns.)

There is no problem with SS if the politicians would just leave the taxes alone! If the so called fund gets short add a couple of bucks to it and leave our money alone.

Bottom line? We need to get our jobs back the assholes in Washington sent to China and Mexico and this chicken little shit goes away with a revival of the middle class.

But that wouldn't be good for votes, would it? And who would give them money to scare the fuck out of us because Washington wants your retirement sitting on Wall Street greasing the gang's palms who are screwing over us and our so democratic called government.

Read this guy's article and you will see. About as silly as the Viet Cong invading Manhattan in their sampans!!!

America's Demographic Cliff: The Real Issue In The Coming, And All Future Presidential Elections | ZeroHedge

The stronger turnout of these voters, and their sheer numbers, are also likely to have an important impact on US political races in the years to come. They’re going to be the biggest voting bloc in American history, if patterns hold: 68% of them is almost 52 million, larger than the entire Black/African American voter population, for example. And like other older generations, according to a study by the Pew Research Center done in late 2011, Boomers have become slightly more conservative as they’ve aged, and slightly more of them (45% vs. 51%) intend to vote for Governor Romney in the upcoming election. However, given that one of their main concerns is the maintenance of entitlement spending, it seems unlikely that Boomers will continue to support a party that recommends reducing the deficit by cutting entitlements. All candidates, then, and especially the GOP, will need to take a hard look at the wants and needs of the Boomers. The 2012

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