Monday, March 26, 2012

Good thing for Oba mama that Romney is winning.....

The states that will go Democrat. Romney's in trouble in the South as I predicted and Mormons  need a lot of help to win. Just think a couple of Catholics kicked his ass in the South and no Republican, ask Dole and McCain, can beat a liberal without sweeping the South.

Not that there is a nickel's difference between these guys!

Evangelical states sketchy for Romney - Washington Times
Mitt Romney’s lopsided victory in Illinois this week showed again that he’s hard to beat in states with more moderate, less evangelical-minded voters — a good sign for the former Massachusetts governor when that describes most of the big prizes left on the Republican primary schedule.

In the weeks ahead, most of the delegate-rich states left on the map more closely resemble the electorates in Ohio and Florida, where Mr. Romney won, than the voters in Georgia and Mississippi, where evangelicals shied away from the former governor.

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