Friday, July 01, 2011

Still think we don't control the world's oil?

Don't worry Oba mama doesn't have a clue on creating jobs but he does have killing people figured out.

 Just blame it on Bush!

Anyways, all the smart money is overseas and buying commodities because this guy is seen as a nitwit. Clueless is being polite. Chasing people around in the deserts is not working. Creating jobs by stealing money from Social Security is not working. Waving a magic wand and creating money out of thin air is not working

Bringing back Jimmy Carter"s policies, for Christ's sake. back is not working.

Leave the Middle East alone and drill here will work!

I'm off for the holiday see you next week!

New Statesman - Obama’s empire
In December 2008, shortly before being sworn in as the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama pledged his belief that, "to ensure prosperity here at home and peace abroad", it was vital to maintain "the strongest military on the planet". Unveiling his national security team, including George Bush's defence secretary, Robert Gates, he said: "We also agree the strength of our military has to be combined with the wisdom and force of diplomacy, and that we are going to be committed to rebuilding and restrengthening alliances around the world to advance American interests and American security."

Unfortunately, many of the Obama administration's diplomatic efforts are being directed towards maintaining and garnering new access for the US military across the globe. US military officials, through their Korean proxies, have completed the eviction of resistant rice farmers from their land around Camp Humphreys, South Korea, for its expansion (including a new 18-hole golf course); they are busily making back-room deals with officials in the Northern Mariana Islands to gain the use of the Pacific islands there for bombing and training purposes; and they are scrambling to express support for a regime in Kyrgyzstan that has been implicated in the murder of its political opponents but whose Manas Airbase, used to stage US military actions in Afghanistan since 2001, Obama and the Pentagon consider crucial for the expanded war there.

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