Friday, July 08, 2011

Now what?....

Depressions are a bitch.

Want to end it at least until another bust ? Send us a check! You have to stimulate demand. Give me enough money to pay my car off and I'll buy a house and then a new car. So give me some big spending money.

 In the next boom housing will double in price as 2 million new households a year look for a place to live. And few new houses are being built. So you have to stimulate this demand. Who is going to build a house when we can't afford to buy?

Remember, broke dicks can't buy shit even if they want to. And everybody wants to! So send us a big check!

But what you'll get is more bullshit about deficits and tax increases which slaughter the business community and scare the beJesus out of them.

Oh yea, it's all Bush's fault!!!

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