Monday, January 04, 2010

Patti goes back to work tomorrow....

Still have 3 thousand in doctor bills to take car of then 3 thousand in taxes. Need to keep our nose to the grindstone in order to pay off the home. Have a $200 a month car payment I don't want to take into my retirement in a 3 or 4  of years. Need to get the grandson out of high school then either get an RV or mobile in Florida. There are, at this time, a lot of good buys down there even though the lot rents are way to high. Time will tell if I go this route.

One shouldn't put to much faith in the bullshit the media, all corporate whores, have to say about the "recovery". A lot of shit has to be paid off and borrowing brought under control. besides, it will be a while before these debts to be completely monetized and then fire up inflation. I think my 5-10 year prediction is still right on.

In the meantime, watch the price of oil. Up big time will cause the old economy to tank again. Exactly what happened several times in the past. '72, '76' '86' '92 and especially '07-'08. One of this rip offs will just cause nationalization of oil companies like Russia's, China's,. Saudi Arabia, etc. Eventually we'll  have to take over another oil producing country.

Until someone nukes D.C. and we start a new country. Right?

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