Monday, January 11, 2010

Gas prices up 20 cents......


Sometimes it really sucks being right. This county's unemployment rate hit 16.2% last month. Not exactly "green shoots." Patty and I right now are considered quite well off here. Strange, I don't feel well off. Who in this world would consider Walmart associates, "well off."

Of course, Oba mama and the gang are making plans to get the rest of our paychecks. I guess we don't really need the money since we don't vote for these assholes. When they get done we'll have to work another job just to pay all the new taxes they plan to pay for all the broke dick's insurance. (What other job?)

Oh I forgot, in Washington tax money comes from Heaven not from working stiffs. Since none of them ever had real jobs this is easy for them. Just screw rich people. Who quit hiring. Then these people without jobs quit buying at Walmart. Then I sit at home and quit paying taxes. Then......

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