Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Won't be long now....

Expect inflation statistics to scare the shit out of everyone.

Already for trillions of dollars are sloshing around the world's  economy. Printed up to save the gangsters asses. No likely to save them, I believe, but time will tell. This money first chases stocks, bonds, currencies and especially commodities. Gold, silver, oil and soon food. Then we get beat up with consumer price inflation as oil prices catch up to pay for all those Arab schemes rebuilding the middle East into Nirvana. This massive wall of debt will bite us in the ass.

Re-inflating the bubble though is not going to be easy as something like 7 million houses are on the cusp of foreclosure. Businesses hooked on cheap credit are coming up short.Now the gang in Washington is playing with medical cost which is always dangerous for politicians as they need to keep so many unhappy people together to save the system which is collapsing around their ears.

So far, we "consumers" are bust and can't save the system from itself. We need healthy incomes to keep the debts current let alone, pay it down. With most people on reduced hours, unemployment, disability, or not working to start with, doesn't leave much else the government can do to generate the taxes to pay for services. Only borrowing from our ideological enemies, the Chinese.

What happens if the Chinese go bust over the next couple years? We can't buy their trinkets. We actually need little from them. Oil? nope. Food? Nope. Toys? Really?

Only their money. Which we gave them in the first place.f You get the idea? They are tied to us until the end.

What ever that end is.

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