Thursday, December 10, 2009

Only Repubs managed to beat the left at it's old game.....

Makes you wonder. Why do we even care? We definitely need a change but the criminals own both parties now. After NAFTA, there has been little the working stiff can do about improving his station other than supporting the status quo. Anyone who fucks with the powers that be has the I.R.S or Homeland Security come after them. 

Now they've engineered another boom to save their sorry asses and life goes on for them. Just look at the joke going on in Copenhagen. We can prove the globe is cooling but the fascist will make us pay anyway to reduce a harmless gas, CO2, from a infinitesimal amount in our atmosphere to practically zero.

Follow the money and we will find the same handful of gangsters in on it.

I expect more of the same in the future as more and more people jump on the band wagon. After all, most people figured their house was worth at least 3 times what they paid for it after a couple of years. Must be some free money here somewhere.

And Oba Mama  did promise fiscal responsibility to return to Washington and we would be out of Iraq and Afghanistan in his first year. Black people would have lots more money and whitey would get bitch-slapped into next week. All liberals would get special medals for honesty.....

And tooth fairies would be dancing in the streets as the government outlawed dentists. unicorns would be butt fucking pigs, rainbow stew would be assured to all God's children, Republicans would quit lying and do what they promised and....

How are all these wonders  working out for you?

The Future of the Republicans by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
Now, pointing this out is akin to mentioning the elephant in the living room, the one which some of the guests welcome and some have decided to ignore. For the latter group, here is a partial litany of what the Bush administration has done by way of using and expanding government power: the Patriot Act, the Patriot Act II (as part of Intelligence Reform), No Child Left Behind, Medicare drug benefits, the Transportation Safety Administration, and the Department of Homeland Security, not to mention two major wars that have cost hundreds of billions, and left only destruction and chaos in their wake. Government spending in Bush's first term soared more than 29%, twice Clinton's average.

The second term will bring more of the same, or worse. Bush is going to try to install the country’s first-ever peacetime program of forced savings. Though it is being sold as privatization, it is a huge step-up in statism, and also prepares the way for controls on consumption spending, as seen in World War I and II. There could be more wars in the Gulf region, with Syria, Iran, and others tossed on the chopping block. As regards the invasions of individual liberty, there are no limits. Already proposed is a national ID, fingerprints on passports, more intrusions into bank accounts, more travel restrictions, more surveillance, and even the draft and national service.

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