Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wait til you see the bill for this baby.....

We'll be paying through the nose for this little Dem fraud. Can't wait. First tax "the rich" who'll take it out of our ass. Then soak us because the rich will be able to buy their way out. Then pass the buck to the Government anyways because we'll all be unemployed.

Call it "soak the foreigners". After all they have our money.

Almost Daily Rant: Cap and Trade - Another Fraud
The Waxman-Markley American Clean Air and Security Act of 2009 (ACES), cleverly paraded as an earth-saving, energy independence bill that lowers pollution, is a draconian measure of taxation and government control.

The sad irony for me is that this bill will make it more difficult for the average person to transition to a lifestyle less dependent on centralized systems in order to deal with the converging crisis of our times – many of which, such as energy, food and fresh water shortages are environmental. In years to come, we face enough scarcity as it is, and the current subsidies that keep prices artificially low are unsustainable.

For decades government manipulation, from tax incentives to military interventions to irresponsible monetary policy has destroyed real market signals resulting in years of privatized gains and socialized costs at the expense of the average person and the environment.

Now we are believe that the solution is to give the EPA czar-like authority and a pollution permit allocation scheme that will continue to socialize costs through trickle down taxation.

Once again, in great haste the House of Representatives has scrambled to pass a bill with huge implications without having the chance to digest, analyze and summarize the 1200-page proposal, which was being revised up until the final minutes before the July 4th break.

It happened with the Patriot Act, then TARP and now ACES.

If bills were actually good for the population, then there would be no rush to push them onto the floor. But, since an informed electorate is the worst enemy of proponents of this type of legislation, they had to act fast before Americans had a chance to absorb the huge implications under cover of a constant deluge of Michael Jackson tributes in the media.

I usually avoid the global warming debate because even if humans do contribute to global warming, a combination of slowing population growth in the developed world and peaking out of easily accessible oil, natural gas and coal will offset the effects. If you do want to debate the science a growing number of scientists and Americans in general dispute the impacts of manmade warming. Even if you are are an advocate of global warming, then you know that the impacts of the bill on climate in the best case are negligible.

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