Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm sticking with Japanese junk.....

Can you believe it? In the 70's no one bought "Jap Junk."

You think selling these companies to foreigners will do any good?

Heh heh.

Of course we can always buy a car from Oba mama at GM.

Substandard Chrysler « LewRockwell.com Blog
The “New” Chrysler will be every bit as bad - no worse! - than the “Old” Chrysler. I’m still looking and thinking about that new vehicle, when the time is right, and none of my first 5, 10, … or 100 choices are an American-made car. Now, that door of possibility - if there was one - is slammed forever. I’ve been driving a 2003 PT Cruiser lately, to get from here to there, and, as usual, it’s been nothing but problems. Two issues in particular show me how unbelievably incompetent this company is. When I first bought the car (used) in magnificent condition, I bought new Pirelli tires and I noticed they kept getting low on air, and eventually, I could no longer keep the left front tire from going flat. Problem? I took it to two tire dealers, and both guys I talked to knew exactly what it was when they saw the PT with the factory chrome wheels. The PT Limitied Edition has a long, sordid history of the chrome wheels being defective in that the clear coat chips off the inside of the wheel, causing big, rusty, cracked flakes to gather between the wheel and tire, flattening the tire. I’ve been told it’s a massively common problem, even with PTs newer than mine. It happens to almost anyone with the PT and factory chrome wheels. They kept shaving the wheels until finally I had to go out and buy new ones.

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