Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Big battle in Conservatism.....

Conservatives lost the argument about health care when they signed on to Medicare in '65. Once a benefit is given it can't be taken back.

And not putting everyone on Medicare a couple of years ago makes the issue worse. It becomes a pissing contest because of all the different ways health care is administered. But mostly it means that we have to pay for our own health care and for everyone else's health care.

And yes, it's Oba mama's fault. If he and the Dems had fazed all Americans into the Medicare system this argument would be ancient history and our government could have concentrated on paying for it and reforming the mess that they created.

Then the insurance industry could find something else to do for a living  like everybody else

Coulter Care - Peter Ferrara - Townhall Conservative
Why the Individual Mandate Equals Socialized Medicine

Here is why the individual mandate inevitably leads to full-blown socialized medicine, as it has with Obamacare: When the government mandates that you have to buy health insurance, then it has to specify what health insurance is required to satisfy the mandate. This means politics is involved in deciding what must be included and covered by that insurance.

And once politics is involved, that means you can't leave anything out, as that would be takenas an offense and a slight to both the consumers and the providers of the excluded service. Mental health benefits and counseling, drug rehab, maternity benefits (even for men and seniors), abortion -- everything must be covered. We will see that when the final regulations are issued for Obamacare by the Supreme Dictator, Kathleen Sebelius (who looks and acts the part of a villain from an Ayn Rand novel). We are already seeing that the mandated services must include sterilization and "morning after" pills, which even Catholic institutions will have to pay for in regard to their own employees.

That means the mandated health insurance will inevitably be extremely expensive, as we are just starting to see with Obamacare. To make such a mandated expense politically palatable, the government must provide extensive welfare subsidies well into the middle class and beyond, again as we see with Obamacare. The biggest expense there is not the explosion of Medicaid, as bad as that is. It is the entirely new entitlement program providing benefits (subsidies) for the purchase of the mandated insurance for families making up to $88,000 a year to start, indexed to grow to over $100,000 in the near future.

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