Thursday, September 10, 2009

On vacation......

Laid around and played with my computer. Going fishing for bass. Can't beat it. Of course, the lakes get stocked next week while I'm working, but what do you expect from the government.

I got magic jack working. Can't beat home phone service for $20 bucks a year. Just have to buy a wireless phone that doesn't use 2.5 mH, as it interfers with your conversations. Works fine though. Even has call forwarding.

Looks like Obamama has his hands full firing a few weirdos like Van Jones , and bankrupting the wealthy class, (somebody has to pay for all his wild schemes) that not much else will get done.

The economy is running on borrowed money and borrowed time. Could get interesting when Washington puts everyone on welfare. No one has ever seen trillion dollar deficits stack up year after year.

Until we run out of suckers to borrow from. Still the best investment. Patti's Ira is making money because she invested it in government bonds. Didn't lose a dime.

Ought to tell you something. Right?

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