Monday, August 10, 2009

Reinstalled windows....

Computers are a pain in the ass. Had my fair share of crashes last week. Lost my cd drive. Couldn't get on the net and lost all my settings for my blog editor, Scribefire.

I think we need a "cash for clunkers program" for shitty windows.

Anyways the economical crash has slowed down. In anticipation of all the stimulus money yet to come, is my best guess. Gas goes up because the gangs running the oil companies need the money so they can buy our National Debt. We used to blame it on the"big oil companies" but they have very little to do with compared to Governments like Saudi, Russia, America, etc.

This happened in the early 70's when Nixon sold these clowns all those weapons to protect them from those touchy Jews. So, in order to buy all this protection (Jews got it free) these gangsters simply Jacked up the oil prices and  gave us our money back.

Welcome to the plan!

P.s we still are floating in oil. Not politically correct to get it and it lowers prices. But what else is news. We're still a few years, probably 10, from the collapse of the world economies. But who's counting?

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